Introducing GYM GUUNS

the innovative new Workout Tech that helps you get more weight, get more reps, get better contraction and get bigger muscle!

Devised for Bodily Perfection

The Gym Guuns feature a set of anatomical handles ergonomically designed to improve grip and stability. These handles are fitted with steel chains which you can use to give you the ultimate workout – and each is fully adjustable according to your needs. The Guuns come in a beautifully crafted aluminum case that makes it easily portable as well as the gym accessory all gym lovers will desire!

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Execute Flawless Exercises...

Probably one of the best applications of the Gym Gunns is to perform the tricep contraction exercises that would usually be done with rope. The sturdy, stylish handles allow athletes to turn and contract the triceps in a more effective way – and minimizes the pain of rope burn on the hands. This allows for increased weight and repetitions, achieving an optimal workout all round.

…Without the Nastiness!

The Gym Rope is one of the most touched items in the gym… and how often do you think it is washed? Every day dozens of pairs of sweaty hands touch the same rope you potentially burn your hands on! Eww!

A Grip as Natural as Closing your Eyes

The Gym Guuns have the ideal grip to allow for individual locking of the muscles. Thanks to the non-slip coating they allow athletes to take their attention away from the grip and focus on the things that matter – perfect concentration and focus on the muscle group being worked! Tired of suffering pain in your joints and fingers after a heavy workout? Then the Gym Guuns are exactly what you need.

Super Stability

The ease of grip and the hardy sturdiness of the Gym Guuns handle design allows you to increase your weight, increase your repetitions and get bigger gains.

In the photograph below you will see one of our favorite grips – ideal for working the back and front delts. With this method we can work rowing with a bar giving you maximum development of the back muscles.

A Product Capable of Revolutionizing your Workout!

Atrias Sport Gym Guuns not only improve your exercise technique; they also solve another problem specific to athletes. They take away some of the time we spend in the gym waiting for other users to free up the rope! Our product is aimed at all those gym lovers that want to improve their training sessions and get better results, right now!


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